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195 Thurman Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43206

Tues ~ Fri 11-7
Sat 10-5 Sun 12-5
Our website was down for a few weeks in March due to a server malfunction, and currently you cannot order online, plus no item updates have been made for awhile... INCLUDING PRICE CHANGES, OUT OF STOCKS AND NEW ADDITIONS- but you can see some of the things that we may (or may not) have here. :D

We're working on a new site with more fun stuff like sliders and links that are all updated by ME (sue), so stay tuned for the launch or you can get a sneak peek at

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Party Animal - Kickin' Chicken
Priced from: $2.89

Orijen - Puppy
Priced from: $19.49


Fromm Gold - Large Breed
Priced from: $49.99

Bravo Blend Pork
Priced from: $6.79

Answers - Raw Goat Milk
Priced from: $4.99


Plato - Organic Chicken
Priced from: $17.99


Joy Sticks!
Priced from: $2.99

American Classic Beaver
Priced from: $9.99


RC Pet - Collar Peacock
Priced from: $12.50

RC Pet - Collar Marigold
Priced from: $12.50

RC Pet - Collar Trendy Mehndi
Priced from: $12.50


Teddy T-Shirt - Chillin'
Regularly Priced: $23.00
Sale Price: $16.99 !

Teddy T-Shirt - Powder Hounds Have More Fun
Regularly Priced: $23.00
Sale Price: $16.99 !

Teddy T-Shirt - Downhill Dog
Regularly Priced: $23.00
Sale Price: $16.99 !


Beso de Vino - Selection
Regularly Priced: $11.50
Sale Price: $10.50 !

Big House - Cardinal Zin
Regularly Priced: $9.50
Sale Price: $8.50 !

Sawbuck - Chardonnay
Priced from: $11.50


Thirsty Dog - Old Leghumper
Priced from: $8.99

Columbus Brewing Co. - Pale Ale
Priced from: $8.99





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